deme21 June 2014 – The Soai Rap dredging project (Phase 2) was inaugurated on 21 June. The project will allow larger vessels to navigate through the Soai Rap channel and ease the access to Ho Chi Minh City’s Hiep Phuoc Port and the relocated ports along the Saigon River.

Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai, Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Secretary Le Thanh Hai, Chairman of HCMPC Le Hoang Quan and the Deputy Ambassador of Belgium in Vietnam Geert Vansintjan all attended the inauguration ceremony.

During the second phase of the dredging project, the Soai Rap passage was dredged over a length of 54km to a depth of 9.5 m in order to accommodate 30,000 DWT fully loaded vessels and 50,000 DWT partially loaded vessels calling berths in the Ports of Hiep Phuoc and HCMC.

In the coming months and years, the city will concentrate on technical infrastructure investments, connecting inner waterways and national roadways. In his speech, the Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai emphasized the strategy of Vietnam in becoming a strong maritime country by 2020. The Deputy Prime Minister requested all ministries and departments to continue to support HCMC to speed up the infrastructure development, connect the different ports and create an integrated maritime system of the Soai Rap navigation channel.

Ho Chi Minh City will study the third phase dredging the Soai Rap River to a depth of 11.5 m in order to receive 50,000 DWT fully loaded vessels and 70,000 DWT partially loaded vessels.