Black Virgin Mountain is a mountain in the Tây Ninh Province of Vietnam. To the Vietnamese the mountain is the center of a myth about Bà Đen. During the Vietnam War the area around the mountain was very active as the Ho Chi Minh Trail ended a few kilometers west across the Cambodian border. As such there were many battles and American and Vietnamese soldiers based in the region remember the prominent landmark. After the war the mountain turned from a battleground to being famous for its beautiful temples and theme park.

In May 1964 the mountain top was assaulted by the Special Forces 3rd MIKE Force and the peak was held by American forces as a radio relay station. Supplied by helicopter for much of the war the Americans controlled the top and the Vietcong controlled the bottom and surrounding foothills.

In January 1969 the mountain was extensively searched by 1st Brigade elements of the 3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry, Ranger team 1-3 from the 75th Ranger Division, 4th Battalion, 23rd Infantry, and tanks from the 2nd Battalion, 34th Armor. In the tunnels that honeycombed the mountain they found arms caches, and engaged Vietcong units stationed on the mountain. Throughout the war the Vietcong returned to the mountain and its cave bases.