In Cat Ba, people or tourists are call Cat Dua is Monkey Island because the island has about 20 monkeys taken there. Cat Dua Island is protected by 3 rangers of Cat Ba National Park, the monkeys and the beautiful views attract tourists to the Cat Ba. Monkey Island is a small island located about 2 kilometers from Cat Ba. The beach has about 1 kilometer length, located on the Monkey Island; its name is Cat Dua. This is the beautiful beach of Lan Ha Bay. From here, tourists can swim in the bay with the absolutely pure and clean. To get to Monkey Island, visitors can take a boat from Beo dock. In Monkey Island has one smaller beach called Cat Dua2.  This beach is mainly intended for VIP guests including Vietnamese and international visitors. Cat Dua Island is located in convenient place with white sand; tourists often come here to relaxing, sightseeing or swimming. Annually, there have a lot of tourists come to Cat Dua. Although Cat Dua has not many services to meet the demand of tourists, this is an ideal destination for tourists when coming to Cat Ba. Many foreign tourists recognized that Cat Dua’s landscape is suitable to develop ecotourism. On the island, monkeys are also a part of the success of Cat Dua. Come here, tourists can take photos with the views or the monkeys on the trees. There has Resort-Monkey Island Resort with the traditional houses (bamboo leaves). If you do not want noise, this place is the best choice for you.