“Pho Bo” Hanoi (Hanoi beef noodle soup) is the traditional dish of the capital city and has been cooked up here for centuries. Good “Pho” consists of a flavorful broth, soft (but not mushy) rice noodles and tender meat.

A bowl of hot “pho” is an essential part of any authentic Hanoi experience. Head to Ly Quoc Su or Bat Dan Street where selection is plentiful. It is recognized as the most favorite food of Vietnam dishes, “pho” – a northern specialty composed of rice noodles, meat and broth. The foundation of “pho” is its broth. When made with top-notch components and cooked by skilled hands over a period of hours, it’s a heavenly, multilayered marriage of protein (beef or chicken), dried herbs such as star anise and cassia bark, fresh scallions and ginger.

Hanoi Beef Noodle Soup