Spring roll (called “Nem Ran” in Vietnamese) is one of the most popular dishes on Vietnamese Tet holiday (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) as well as daily meals of Vietnamese families.

Main ingredients for making spring rolls include minced pork, bean sprout, green shallot, vermicelli noodles and eggs. Those ingredients are mixed and added some spices such as black pepper, salt, etc. The mixture then will be wrapped by round rice-paper sheets. At the end, spring rolls will be fried in cooking oil till crisped. Hot spring rolls will be cut into 3 equal pieces and served on a plate. Dipping sauce is indispensible part of that dish and play decisive role to the taste of spring rolls. It’s made by mixing fish sauce, lime, garlic, sugar, small red chilies and water. While eating spring rolls, some fresh vegetable will make the taste perfect. At present, there are many different versions of spring roll which suit different tastes. For people who love vegetable, the cook can add some carrot or kohlrabi fibers. For people who love beef, stirred beef can be used instead of minced pork.

Spring Roll