Escort car in VietnamThe Government has issued a Decree on management of motorized vehicles brought into Vietnam by foreigners for use in travel, under which drivers must meet several conditions, including having to follow an escort car while travelling.

The law document, Decree 152/2013, was issued on November 4 and will take effect on December 25, 2013.

Under the new regulation, foreigners who want to bring vehicles into Vietnam for use must meet the following conditions.

Firstly, they are required to carry out procedures for getting approval for their vehicles to be put into circulation in Vietnam through a Vietnamese international travel firm. The time of such circulation is not more than 30 days.

In cases of force majeure (natural disasters, traffic accidents, or damage that cannot be repaired in Vietnam), such vehicles are allowed to be kept in Vietnam for an additional 10 days.

Secondly, they are required to obtain a written approval from the Transport Ministry.

Thirdly, vehicles must be motorcycles or cars that have under nine seats with the steering wheel fixed on the left side, be owned by individuals or organizations, and be registered and granted a number plate abroad.

Vehicles’ owners must have a valid vehicle registration certificate and a valid certificate of technical safety and environmental friendliness for motorized vehicles (for automobiles) granted by a competent agency in the country of registration.

Fourthly, the foreigner who drives the vehicle must have the following papers: a passport or equivalent papers whose remaining term of validity is at least six months from the date of their entry into Vietnam; a visa, except for cases of visa exemption, for the duration of their stay in Vietnam; and a driver’s license for the type of vehicle they drive.

Fifthly, a foreign vehicle must have an escort vehicle that drives in front of it. The escort vehicle can be an automobile or motorcycle that is arranged by a Vietnamese international travel firm and marked with a logo or a flag bearing that firm’s symbol.

Lastly, foreign vehicles are allowed to travel only within the routes and for the duration specified in the written approval by the Transport Ministry.

The decree also stipulates that within five days of receipt of an application by a Vietnamese international travel firm for approval for a foreigner’ vehicle to be driven in Vietnam, the Transport Ministry must issue a document on whether it approves or does not approve the application.