Wifi password in SGN, Tan Son Nhat Airport

Waiting at the airport for hours because of the delay will make you extremely bored and tired. Need contact your friends, partners, customes ...after landing. Therefore, at that time, WIFI is one of the "salvation" to help you overcome boredom. However, not everywhere has free wifi or password immediately in front of you.


Tan Son Nhat International Airport free wifi password, Free wifi. Network name: 

-> Network name: TSN_Wifi_Express -- FinBar (Level 2, Food Court) after immigration clearance;

-> Network name: Finbar - password: finbartsn;

-> Starcafe network name: Starcafe G14 - password: starcafetsn;

-> Apricot Lounge network name: Lounge - password: sasco149793:

-> Domestic terminal network name: soracafe - password: 2610216.


What is the WiFi password at Noi Bai Airport? WiFi password at Tan Son Nhat airport? How to know the WiFi password at the international airports?


This will be extremely useful tool for you. With this tool, you can easily look up the wifi password at airports not only in Vietnam but also in many other airports around the world.


According to an article of Mashable, Anil Polat - a travel blogger and computer security engineer - understood the "pain" of having to sit at the airport waiting without the free Wi-Fi, so he made a social map. so that everyone can easily find out Wi-Fi passwords at airports around the world.


The map is regularly updated by Polat, including Wi-Fi passwords and the locations of dozens of airports around the world. By clicking on an airport, users will receive specific instructions on where to get the best Wi-Fi connection, and instructions for entering passwords.


You can see Wi-Fi map at airports by clicking here, this map is constantly updated and you can also contribute to this Wi-Fi map, share Wi-Fi password at the airport you know. 


And, you may wonder if you do not have 3G available. How to open this map look up? Do not worry, there are always offline links for you. Save immediately when needed is available offline.

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Android: http://bit.ly/2dDeaaN


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